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Welcome to the original Barotrauma Wiki!

Launched in June of 2015, we maintain 2,701 articles and counting, with 4 active users!

This wiki has most recently been updated for the game version

About the game

Barotrauma is a 2D multiplayer resource management game currently in development by Undertow Games and FakeFish. The game was released for free as a pre-alpha version on July 31st 2015, and has received regular updates since then. An Early Access commercial release was launched on June 5th 2019 on Steam. The game's source code can be found on GitHub.

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Recent Blog Posts

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Update preview: Thunder Under The Ice

Regalis - 2021/06/11 14:06

Hello everyone! Thank you so much for all the birthday wishes. It always blows us away and makes our collective day to see hundreds of people chime in to wish us well like you’ve done, […]...

Two years of Early Access

Regalis - 2021/06/04 14:01

Hello everyone! Before we get into the upcoming next Barotrauma update, we wanted to write a bit about something else: Tomorrow marks the 2nd anniversary of our Steam release! The game and the community have […]...

Update Preview: Embrace the Abyss

Regalis - 2021/04/16 15:27

Hello everyone! The next update, Embrace the Abyss, is coming next week. It would be tempting to say it’s all about the campaign, because there is definitely (again) a strong focus on more progression, and […]...





Featured Article

Tiger Thresher
Tiger Thresher.png
Tiger Threshers are barracuda-like fish with six lateral fins, the last pair modified into tendrils. Their slender body is silvery with darker stripes and spots, including a black stripe around its neck. They are capable of doing massive damage to a submarine and its crew with a single attack. They will favor going after humans out in the water, and their razor-sharp teeth inflict heavy bleeding on their prey.