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Embark on a journey through the depths of Europa. Travel from location to location, complete missions to earn money for supplies, discover new biomes—and perhaps eventually uncover the secrets of Europa.

This is the only Game Mode available in Singleplayer, but it can be played in Multiplayer too.

Following version 0.10, the New Frontiers major update, everything we know about Campaign in previous versions has been completely overhauled. Mainly, the update introduces new key elements of Campaign progression; therefore, the whole map interface with the Store, Crew, Repair hub has been entirely removed. Now the players must navigate in an explorable, procedurally generated Outpost to manually access core game features.

Upon starting a Campaign, the player (or host) chooses a submarine to start.
In Singleplayer, every sub is identified as a specific class. Outdated modded subs have an undefined class, and thus are unusable due to the new Submarine progression feature. Only the 6,000 mk Scout class Dugong and up to date modded subs (v0.10), which either costs the same or less than the Dugong, can be chosen. In Multiplayer, undefined modded subs can still be used in Sandbox and Mission mode only. Unlike Singleplayer, the host can freely choose whichever sub to start out in Campaign, vanilla or modded.

You've just been commissioned by the Europa Coalition at <Colony's name> to serve aboard a <Player chosen> class sub. The waters of Europa open up before you—explore, help expand the colonies, and make of this place what you will.
~ In-game introduction

Once the desired sub has been picked, the game starts immediately, displaying the intro text and the crew is transitioned inside the Outpost, which is always the Colony. The in-game currency is called Europan Mark (mk) and the initial balance of the crew is 2,500 mk. Here, the crew can get comfortable and explore freely, talk to people, make transactions, obtain assignments, relax on an unoccupied chair... or maybe steal other people's possessions, injure/murder the Outpost's dwellers—either on purpose or accident and have the crew's Reputation tarnished and whoever responsible cuffed, or worst eliminated by the Outpost's Security force.


The Map is the navigation system providing the crew's current Location and different paths leading to other destinations with any Missions the player has picked up from the Outpost. It can be accessed through the overlay which appears on top of the screen when the player chooses to leave the Location near the docking area. Alternatively, the player may access the Map by using their sub's Navigation Terminal/Status Monitor in the Command Room and choosing to undock the sub from the Outpost.

The layout of the Map is divided into grids containing 16 units each, with each unit is divided into 4 cells. The Map's size is 4 grids in height and 20 grids in width. The grayed out grids are ones the crew has yet to discover, which don't show any paths or Locations. The bordering grids appear to be unavailable to travel to; therefore they always remain undiscovered. The crew starts their journey on the west side (left) of the Map and gradually ventures deeper into the heart of Europa to the east (right), which gets progressively harder in difficulty the further in.

There are different looking grids, representing a specific biome, consisting of 6 in total. From left to right there are Cold Caverns, Europan Ridge, the Aphotic Plateau, Hydrothermal Wastes, the Great Void, and lastly the Endzone. Any Locations the crew has set foot in and any paths the crew has traveled will be highlighted in specific colors on the Map.


There are 8 types of Locations throughout the Map of Europa's ocean, divided into 2 groups. The first group, comprised of Colony, Habitation Outpost, and 3 work camps: Military Outpost, Mining Outpost, and Research Outpost, has an accessible, explorable Outpost. The second group is made up of Natural Formation, Breeding Grounds, and the End Location. These Locations don't have an Outpost for the sub to dock, but upon entry, the player can access the Map and choose the next destination, which saves the game the same way as if it was done in an Outpost.


Civilization exists on Europa in the form of an Outpost. Many dwellers and Shop owners reside in these parts, which are also frequented by the security force keeping the peace and order. Outposts that have been visited at least once also have a certain duration which begins its countdown when the crew makes a trip from a Location to another. After this period, on the next visit to any Locations, visited Outposts have a chance to transform into a different Outpost type. When an Outpost changes its type, another duration is triggered depending on the Outpost type and this transformation process continues. There are 5 different Outpost types:

Location Colony.pngColony

Colony (also known as City) is the first type of Outpost the crew starts in, which is supposedly the most stabilized and developed type of Outpost compared to the rest, as Colony should be.

Colony is the only Outpost that is permanent when established and doesn't change its type under any circumstances. Therefore, visited Outposts will cease to transform altogether once a Colony has been set up. On the Map, it is highlighted in yellow.

The interior of a Colony includes, but is not limited to, storage areas, hallways connecting different Outpost's sections, crew quarters, Store section, Reactor area, Oxygen Generator area, Maintenance bay, HR office, and manager office.

Location Habitation Outpost.pngHabitation Outpost

As the name suggests, when a Location is first inhabited, a Habitation Outpost (or simply Outpost) is established as the most basic foundation so later on it can develop into a different form when certain requirements are met.

Upon arrival, it is highlighted in yellow, the same color tone as Colony. Its interior is also virtually identical to that of Colony.

The Habitation Outpost has a 50% chance of becoming a specialized Outpost (work camp) on a duration of 3 trips provided there are no adjacent Breeding Grounds and at least one adjacent Location must be a type of Outpost.

Location Military Outpost.pngMilitary Outpost

Military Outpost is one of the three work camps scattering across Europa, mostly occupied by the Coalition force.

The facility of this Outpost is almost similar to that of Colony and Habitation Outpost, except for its exclusive prison cells sector, where the player can open the cell doors using their corresponding buttons. A Weapon Holder may be present nearby often keeping a random tool or weapon, either loaded or empty.

Upon visiting the Military work camp, it becomes highlighted in a darker shade of yellow on the Map and the duration of 5 trips begins. On the next arrival of a Location, there's a 50% chance the camp's commander will be appointed governor, effectively making it officially a Colony, provided there are no adjacent Breeding Grounds and at least one adjacent Location is any Outpost type but Mining Outpost.

Location Mining Outpost.pngMining Outpost

Mining Outpost (or simply Mine) is one of the three work camps scattering across Europa, commonly occupied by miners easily identified by their Miner's Overalls.

It is highlighted in brown on the Map upon the first visit. Its facility is similar to Colony and Habitation Outpost but is distinguished by its mineshaft section.

This is also the only Outpost type that isn't required to be adjacent to other specialized Outposts, including ones of the same type, in order for them to develop into a Colony. Therefore, if a specialized Outpost is adjacent to only Mining Outposts or Natural Formations or a mixture of both, it won't transform.

The Mining work camp has a duration of 5 trips and when it's over, there's a 50% chance more families of miners will migrate to the camp, turning it into a proper Colony, on the conditions that there are no adjacent Breeding Grounds and there must be at least one adjacent Outpost type other than Mining Outpost.

Location Research Outpost.pngResearch Outpost

Research Outpost is one of the three work camps scattering across Europa, commonly occupied by researchers wearing Researcher Outfit coming together to study the surrounding fauna.

The Research work camp possesses some of the most advanced facilities in any Outposts; the laboratories with many technological pieces of electronics, terminals, and presumably isolation cells for test subjects. Like the lab's color theme, it is highlighted in bright blue on the Map.

If there are no adjacent Breeding Grounds and at least one adjacent Outpost that isn't Mining Outpost is present, there's a 50% chance for the Research laboratories to drive more settlers to move in and turn it into a Colony on the next Location visit after a duration of 5 trips.

Outpost Terminal.pngOutpost Terminal[]

In the docking lobby, usually located near the Storage area, stations the Outpost Terminal. The Submarine Delivery Service can be accessed here. It allows the player to switch between owned subs for the next expedition. The terminal's interface also displays information about each selected sub and the amount of Marks the crew has.


The Reputation (RP) system affects how Outposts and Factions relate to the crew. High RP can allow for discounts for supplies or unlock special Events and its outcomes, while low RP may turn Outposts hostile towards the players. RP has no influence over the price of Shipyard's subs and hiring crewmates from Crew Management.

Each Outpost has a randomized initial RP, ranging from -10 RP to 10 RP, while all Factions have their unique fixed initial RP. There are many ways to boost or diminish the RP of each Outpost and Faction, as straightforward as completing assigned Missions or simply being violent towards the residents in the area and making the wrong decisions during some Outpost Events.

Items inside any Outpost containers are marked with a red hand symbol, indicating they're the properties of the Outpost dwellers; therefore grabbing hold of them is considered theft, decreasing the Outpost's RP by 1, unless the culprit manages to snatch the items outside people's line of sight. As of v0.10.5.0, using the fire extinguisher of an Outpost is no longer considered theft when there's a fire nearby.

An Outpost's RP can reach the highest at 100, and the lowest at -100. However, at -81 RP and beyond, every single individual in the Outpost will become more than just verbally hostile. Those without a weapon will flee from the sight of the threat (the player), and those who are armed, mainly the security guards, will actively hunt down and attack every crew member until they either die or run back to the sub. Needless to say, this effectively prevents the crew from doing any sorts of business with the people of the Outpost.


Factions are groups and organizations throughout Europa operating independently, each with their own agenda and isn't too fond of one another, so aligning with any Factions during specific Events may damage the crew's RP with the others. There are 4 active Factions in Europa:

Faction Europa Coalition.png
Europa Coalition (15 RP)
The autocratic de facto superpower of Europa, with a distributed bureaucracy and an iron grip on the resources, manufacturing and power within Europan society.

The autocratic de facto superpower of Europa, with a distributed bureaucracy and an iron grip on the resources, manufacturing and power within Europan society. They rule by fear, and have the reputation for shutting disobedient colonies and outposts out of the supply loop, or simply subjugating them by direct force. Their motivation is ultimately to preserve humanity, but at any cost, and preferably with the status quo left intact.

The Europa Coalition started off as a trade and cooperation agreement between the two largest Europan settlements and a handful of private paramilitary groups, but gradually grew to become what is essentially the Europan government. Many Europan outposts don't recognize the Coalition's authority, although it is still powerful enough that few dare to openly oppose it. There are groups such as the Jovian Separatists who do fight against it, aiming to bring it down and creat

This is the crew's employer, as shown during the beginning of the Campaign.

Faction Jovian Separatists.png
Jovian Separatists (-10 RP)
A small, underground organization seeking a more democratic society by any means, from petty resistance to full-blown terrorism.

A small, underground organization seeking a more democratic society by any means, from petty resistance to full-blown terrorism, all with the end goal of disrupting the ability of the Europa Coalition to function, and to undermine its authority.

Faction The Church of Husk.png
The Church of Husk (-5 RP)
A religious group that seeks "communion" with the husk parasite in order to usher in a new kind of humanity, one more capable of surviving in this harsh environment.

A mysterious and outlawed religious group with a transhumanist twist, they seek "communion" with the husk parasite in order to usher in a new kind of humanity, one more capable of surviving in this harsh environment, more in tune with the local ecosystem, and devoid of pride, hatred, fear, or complex thought. Hated equally by the Europa Coalition and the Jovian separatists.

Faction Children of The Honkmother.png
Children of The Honkmother (-5 RP)
The Honkmother's children are an unorganized lot who simply heed the call of the bikehorn.

Every once in a while, these minstrels, fools and clowns attempt to form unions, and names like Europan Jesters' Association pop up. In truth, the Honkmother's children are a less-than-organized lot who simply heed the call of the bikehorn.


See: Event

Outpost Events are random occurrences the crew may encounter in any Outposts. Upon entering an Outpost, there's a chance that a randomized Event may occur in certain areas of the Outpost or after a certain period. Only 1 Event per Outpost is active at a time.

In Singleplayer, the player becomes immobilized when an Event is triggered and can move again after finishing the Event. But in Multiplayer, the player can still move around freely while an Event is active. Additionally, if a character triggers an Event but decides to ignore it via choosing the option to do so, a different character may still be able to trigger it. This is especially useful if the character doing a particular Event isn't qualified enough to get the best result, but someone else in the crew is. However, this doesn't apply to every Outpost Event.

The outcomes of these Events may affect a Location's and Factions' RP, reward the player with useful or exotic items, sometimes bring about more harm than good, all of which depend on the choices the player makes and many other factors.


NPCs are the dwellers of an Outpost the player can interact with. There are 2 types of NPCs: Regular NPCs and Interactable NPCs.

Regular NPCs are just Outpost dwellers with no significant features.

Interactable NPCs such as Shop NPCs and Mission NPCs are the only people the player can interact with in an Outpost to access all kinds of services and obtain Missions. These NPCs have distinguished looks and can mostly be found hanging around their respective stations, although they don't stay in one spot but tend to move around the Outpost instead like any other NPCs. Each of them has a unique directional marker showing their locations in an Outpost for easy navigation.


See: Store

The Store allows players to buy and sell items. It can be accessed from the Merchant in every Outpost, who is distinguished by their Baseball Cap and Quartermaster's Outfit, along with the Shopping Cart icon above them.

They usually possess a Wrench, a Screwdriver, a Diving Mask and a loaded Revolver, so it's not the best idea to provoke them. Their station can easily be identified by the Display Shelf with various trophies in it and sometimes the Diving Suit Displays.

Crew Management.pngCrew Management[]

The Crew Management is a Human Resources department where players can manage their crew by looking over the current crew members and the available hireable people. The person in charge of this service is identified as a Watchman by their Watchman Clothes and the Human icon above them.

They possess a Diving Mask and a loaded Revolver, which isn't just for show. Their station is the section with the Notice Board, a long Bench, and an Office Window.

Usually, the kinds of crew members for hire are random in any Outposts, but depending on its type, the chances for each profession's availability vary.

Job Commonness
Colony Habitation Outpost Military Outpost Mining Outpost Research Outpost
Assistant Job Icon.png
10 10 2 3 3
Engineer Job Icon.png
3 3 2 5 5
Mechanic Job Icon.png
3 3 2 5 5
Medical Doctor Job Icon.png
Medical Doctor
1 1 2 - 3
Security Officer Job Icon.png
Security Officer
1 1 10 - 1
Captain Job Icon.png
1 1 3 - 1

The prices for hiring crewmates aren't affected by the RP, but only proportional to their total levels across all skills, meaning the higher their skills combined are, the more expensive it is to hire them. Selected personnel is shown in the Pending Hires box. After validating hires, the newly hired personnel will join the crew when they leave the Outpost.

Players also have the option to fire crew members, effectively removing them from the crew permanently. During expeditions, players can also permanently lose crew members if they happen to die before reaching the next destination. It is also possible to hire people (bots) in Multiplayer Campaign.


Buying and exchanging submarines, plus upgrading and maintaining them are the services the Shipyard provides for the crew's vessel. As the player progresses through the Campaign, so should their sub, especially if they have to start out with their Dugong, a barely armed rustbucket, and the Shipyard's services can help with bettering its hulls and devices. Or the player can outright purchase a much bigger, tougher, and more advanced sub in place of the old tin can, provided they have the funds for any of the above.

The Shipyard comprises 2 sectors that either share the same area or are practically next to each other, the Maintenance bay sector where new Submarines can be purchased and the Reactor sector that provides Upgrades to the currently selected sub.

The Maintenance bay is run by the Mechanic with the Sub icon above them and the Reactor sector is run by the engineering crew chief with the Upgrade icon above them.


Though not compulsory, doing Missions is the quickest, most straightforward way of earning money provided the crew succeed. Missions are primarily activated by speaking to the manager of the Outpost, easily recognizable by their Station Administrator's Outfit and the Talk icon above them. Despite having the most authority, they only have a Diving Mask in their inventory and nothing else. The manager mostly stays in their fancy office, which usually has an Office Shelf, an Office Desk, and sometimes a sofa Bench.

An Outpost provides a maximum of 4 active Missions per visit. The player can [E]Talk to the manager up to 3 times, unlocking 3 random Missions that are marked on the Map at random adjacent Locations. Additionally, there's usually one random dweller with the similar Talk icon somewhere in the Outpost whom the player can interact with to be informed about an assignment that person posted about and sent to the sub's onboard navigation system for anyone interested, unlocking another random Mission on the Map.

Missions received in Campaign are identical to those of the separate Mission mode in Multiplayer. The further in the crew progresses on the Map, the fewer Missions can be active in an Outpost per visit.

It should be noted that in order to begin a Mission, the player must select the Mission itself before pressing Start when choosing a destination on the Map. Simply selecting the destination but not the Mission will instead begin a No Mission trip to the destination, which is similar to the gameplay of Sandbox mode.

Completing Missions not only yields the crew some hard-earned cash, but it also increases the RP of the Outpost that assigned those Missions. Some Missions also boost the RP of certain Factions.

Location Natural Formation.pngNatural Formation[]

Unlike Outposts, Natural Formation is an uninhabited, presumably safe Location for colonization. Because this place is yet to have an Outpost, the crew can only access the Map interface upon entry to choose the next destination, promptly highlighting it in green on the Map. For that reason, the crew is advised to restock on supplies, heal up and prepare the sub at an Outpost before going into these parts as they won't be able to do so when they get there.

Once the Natural Formation is discovered, after a duration of 2 trips, the chance of a group of settlers venturing into the area afterward and establishing a new Habitation Outpost is 75% provided there's at least an adjacent inhabited Location and no adjacent Breeding Grounds.

Location Breeding Grounds.pngBreeding Grounds[]

The hives of many aquatic creatures form the Breeding Grounds (also known as Lairs), a Location which prevents Outpost development of any adjacent Locations.

Breeding Grounds are highlighted in purple on the Map when discovered.

Discovered Breeding Grounds are replaced by a Natural Formation after a duration of 1 trip.