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Listed below are the amazing people and communities who worked together to make Barotrauma a reality, as listed in the in-game credits section.


Credits[edit | edit source]


Development[edit | edit source]

Programming[edit | edit source]

Joonas Rikkonen ("Regalis")

Eetu Pitkänen

Lauri Härkänen

Juan Pablo Arce

Kasperi Ekqvist

Markus Isberg

Aleksandr Osipov

Roni Kovaniemi

Game Design[edit | edit source]

Ez Jämsen

Daniel Asteljoki

Joonas Rikkonen

Art[edit | edit source]

Iiro Enges

Dinh Tuan Anh

Nam-Anh Lê

Pekka Saari

Oskari Lemmetyinen

James Bear

Producing[edit | edit source]

Aku Jauhiainen

Kimmo Kari

Audio[edit | edit source]

Jussi Elsilä

Tomi Reunanen (Guitars)

Audire Sound (

Community Management[edit | edit source]

Vilma Savolainen

DAEDALIC ENTERTAINMENT[edit | edit source]

CEO[edit | edit source]

Carsten Fichtelmann

COO[edit | edit source]

Stephan Harms

Creative Director[edit | edit source]

Jan Müller-Michaelis

Technical Director[edit | edit source]

Nick Prühs

Head of Production[edit | edit source]

Kai Fiebig

Head of Communications[edit | edit source]

Sandra Hübner

Marketing[edit | edit source]

Marie Müller

Mounir Aouina

Community Management[edit | edit source]

Lisa Mallory

Steffen Slacki

Sales and Product Management[edit | edit source]

Matthias Zorn

Stefan Hiller

Justus Jeromin

Maximilian Bernardi

Business Development[edit | edit source]

Jonas Hüsges

Lead Motion Designer[edit | edit source]

Alexander Junghans

Support[edit | edit source]

Maria Lesk

Human Resources[edit | edit source]

Iris Wolfer

Accounting[edit | edit source]

Nils Ball

Jessica Paulat

IT Administration[edit | edit source]

Nils-Peter Brodersen

Filipe Alves

Mastering[edit | edit source]

Eduard Wolf

Robert Zillmer

Head of QA[edit | edit source]

Maik Hildebrandt

Quality Assurance[edit | edit source]

Sven Sauerhammer

Gunnar Götzfried

Saide Haberstroh

Sven Eimuth

Localization[edit | edit source]

Localization Director[edit | edit source]

Maria Lesk

English Proofreading[edit | edit source]

Paul Franzen

German Translation, Proofreading[edit | edit source]


French Translation, Proofreading, LQA[edit | edit source]


Castilian Spanish Translation, Proofreading, LQA[edit | edit source]


Latin Spanish Translation, Proofreading, LQA[edit | edit source]


Polish Translation, Proofreading, LQA[edit | edit source]


Russian Translation, Proofreading, LQA[edit | edit source]

Uliana Erofeeva

Brazilian Portugese Translation, Proofreading, LQA[edit | edit source]


Chinese, Japanese, Korean Translation, Proofreading, LQA[edit | edit source]


Turkish Translation, Proofreading, LQA[edit | edit source]

AiBell Localization

GitHub Contributors and Community Actives[edit | edit source]

Aleksandr Varnavskii, Alex "RayTrace", Alfred_Donovan,

Armadillo Sloth, "Bill Combs", BillSoFat,

Borna "Blue" Aberle, boynedmaster “boratboy12”, Caleb Yu,

chesse20, Database, DataCrusader,

David "Ol Stinky" Hockenbury, Eduardo "Chiko" Valenzuela, "Emmett Brown",

Enes "HellFire" Dursun, etet2, Evan Underscore,

Fabevil, Faerdan, Frostdemon,

Garrett Brown, Gavin Tice, Glitch,

Gramstaal, hubismal, Irontaco,

James “Just James” Norman, JJRcop, Landon Strik,

Mark Jarjour, Max “madmax3004”, Nathan "MR. NAIL BRAIN" S.,

Nilanth Animosus, Pugie, Redeloper “rico6822”,

René "Udrakan" Janouš, Robert Sloan, Samuel Hammersberg,

Sebastian Broberg, shoter, Solbusaur,

Sputnik, Stein, Trialtrex21,

ursinewalrus, Weebyxanide Vendor, Zealan

Winner of the Big Rig Building Competition[edit | edit source]

Alexander "rav2n" Voronov

External Libraries and Content[edit | edit source]

MonoGame[edit | edit source]

Copyright (c) 2009-2019 The MonoGame Team. Released under Microsoft Public License (Ms-PL).

Lidgren.Network Networking Library[edit | edit source]

Copyright (c) 2015 Michael Lidgren. Released under the MIT license.

Farseer Physics Engine[edit | edit source]

Copyright (c) 2017 Ian Qvist. Released under the MIT license.

Aether.Physics2D[edit | edit source]

Microsoft Permissive License (Ms-PL) v1.1

Facepunch.Steamworks[edit | edit source]

Copyright (c) 2016 Facepunch Studios LTD. Released under the MIT license.

MonoKickstart[edit | edit source]

Copyright (c) 2012 Edward Rudd. Released under the zlib license.

SharpDX[edit | edit source]

Copyright (c) 2010-2014 SharpDX - Alexandre Mutel. Released under the MIT license.

NVorbis[edit | edit source]

Copyright (c) 2015 Andrew Ward. Released under Microsoft Public License (Ms-PL).

Concentus[edit | edit source]

See Concentus_LICENSE for the full license.

HyperDescriptor[edit | edit source]

Copyright (c) 2014 Pavel Nosovich. Released under the MIT license.

OpenAL Soft[edit | edit source]

Released under the GNU Library General Public License, version 2. See OpenALSoft_LICENSE for the full license.

PK01, PK02 and Ancient Collection Texture Packages[edit | edit source]

Textures by Philip Klevestav are used in some of the sprites in the game.

Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported

"Road to Hell"[edit | edit source]

Kevin MacLeod (

Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

Special Thanks[edit | edit source]

To all our community members![edit | edit source]

All of you who have been following and supporting the development through all these years,

playing the old versions of the game, giving us feedback and ideas, reporting bugs, and being awesome in general.

We wouldn't have got this far if it wasn't for you!

Joonas would like to thank:[edit | edit source]

Exadv1 and everyone else who's worked on Space Station 13. Barotrauma would have never come to exist if it wasn't for SS13.

/v/ for coming up with Pressure, and all the wonderful anons who took part in those play sessions back in the early years of Subsurface.

Celia for being so understanding and supportive when I've been busy with Barotrauma.

The inventors of caffeine and nicotine for helping me get through this.

Aku and everyone at FF for helping me take my hobby (and this particular hobby project) to the next level.

And of course, all of the Barotrauma/SCP/UTG fans who've been following and supporting the development through all these years

Ez is particularly thankful to:[edit | edit source]

Marianna Jämsen, for putting up with the long hours and the frequently absent husband during this production, the hard times were easier because you were there.

The Pegasus team @ Next Games for the hospitality and inspiration.

The fantastic people from Daedalic, AtomicTorch Studio, Caligari Games, Indoor Astronaut, Kong Orange, and Unfrozen for the company and companionship during our American adventure.

Mikko Tyni for the rather good advice regarding certain beer related things.

Nam-Anh would like to thank:[edit | edit source]

Frankie Truong who has always been supportive and willing to share professional advices.

GD15S and the teachers of the Game Design department of South-Eastern Finland University of Applied Sciences.

Dinh Tuan Anh would like to thank:[edit | edit source]

His supportive family who has always been there for him throughout this project.

The Game Design department of South-Eastern Finland University of Applied Sciences for their guidance and inspiration.

The amazing people of Jukonese for their support during the production time.

Jussi would to thank:[edit | edit source]

The Discord community, especially Hubismal (hubismal#5912) for great notices and suggestions about the audio in Barotrauma.

The incredible Game Audio community around the world.

Natasha Trygg for making a lot of things possible.

Also, thanks to Sean Connery.

Vilma tips her hat to:[edit | edit source]

Our community, particularly the people in our Discord server, for being the best day job imaginable.

The local game developer and startup community, for its openness and willingness to take in new names and faces, support and inspire them and point them in new directions.

Daniel would like to thank:[edit | edit source]

Anyone who has ever spent time in our small game studio making games and everyone still doing so.

Friends and family who keep asking me about when the game's going to be out.

Community content creators for making awesome things that I'm constantly inspired by.