Electric Discharge Coil

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The Electric Discharge Coil is a submarine installed weapon. It is a short range electric shock, dealing burn damage and a moderate duration stun in an area around itself. Additionally, the shock can travel along the hull of the submarine, shocking anything touching the hull. It has a massive power draw and therefore should be used tactically.

Damage[edit | edit source]

Most discharge coils have a 5 meter radius.

Structure Damage
Projectile Speed
Electric Discharge
10 Burn Burn

8 Stun Stun

Item Electric Discharge
Structure Damage 0
Projectile Speed Instant

Default Submarines[edit | edit source]

The following Default submarines feature the Electric Discharge Coil:

The Dugong, located on the fore topside.

The Orca, located on the keel. The Orca's Discharge Coil has a 10m radius and bounces further along the hull.

The Remora, located on the keel.

The Typhon 1, located on the keel.

The Typhon 2, located on the fore topside.

The Kastrull, located on the middle topside.

The Berilia, located on the keel.