Sonar Beacon

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The Sonar Beacon is an electrical portable device that can be activated to make the wearer identifiable and seen in a sonar scan. It is powered by Battery Cells or Fulgurium Battery Cells.

Sonar Beacon
Sonar Beacon.png
Type Tool
OutpostOutpost Buy Sell
Habitation OutpostHabitation N/A 120 mk
ColonyColony 135 mk 108 mk
Research OutpostResearch 187 mk 150 mk
Military OutpostMilitary 187 mk 150 mk
Mining OutpostMining 150 mk 120 mk
Constructible? Checkmark True.png
Deconstructible? Checkmark True.png
Crafting Time 12
Deconstructing Time 16
Fabricator Skill Mechanical Engineering 30
Fabricator Materials FPGA Circuit.pngFPGA_Circuit


Deconstructor Materials FPGA Circuit.pngFPGA_Circuit


Usage[edit | edit source]

The Sonar Beacon is held with one hand, and when equipped, the Beacon's GUI opens up. There is an on/off toggle check box and a text field where players can name the beacon.